Fast Track Security

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    From Airline Flight Scheduled Status
    GUERNSEY / JERSEYBE302 landed 09:40FlybeBE30209:35landed 09:40
    ISLES OF SCILLY / NEWQUAYIOS502 landed 10:23SkybusIOS50210:10landed 10:23
    ISLES OF SCILLYIOS504 landed 10:40SkybusIOS50410:55landed 10:40
    GLASGOWBE532 estimated 13:30FlybeBE53211:40estimated 13:30
    BELFAST CITYBE493 FlybeBE49312:05
    MANCHESTERBE374 FlybeBE37412:55
    EDINBURGHBE210 FlybeBE21013:15
    DUBLINBE304 FlybeBE30413:20
    PARIS CDGBE3504 FlybeBE350414:00
    NORWICHBE4304 FlybeBE430414:25
    ISLES OF SCILLYIOS514 SkybusIOS51415:45
    TENERIFE SouthTOM6585 ThomsonTOM658516:45
    JERSEY / GUERNSEYBE312 FlybeBE31217:50
    MANCHESTERBE376 FlybeBE37618:00
    LONDON CITYBE1308 FlybeBE130818:30
    MANCHESTERBE378 FlybeBE37821:40
    NEWCASTLEBE708 FlybeBE70821:50
    ALICANTEBE4322 FlybeBE432222:25
    AMSTERDAMBE1538 FlybeBE153822:35
    To Airline Flight Scheduled Status
    MANCHESTERBE373 departed 10:58FlybeBE37309:55departed 10:58
    PARIS CDGBE3503 departed 10:33FlybeBE350310:20departed 10:33
    ISLES OF SCILLYIOS503 departed 10:55SkybusIOS50310:40departed 10:55
    ISLES OF SCILLYIOS505 SkybusIOS50511:25
    GLASGOWBE533 estimated 13:55FlybeBE53312:05estimated 13:55
    BELFAST CITYBE494 FlybeBE49412:50
    EDINBURGHBE211 FlybeBE21113:50
    MANCHESTERBE375 FlybeBE37514:45
    DUBLINBE305 FlybeBE30514:50
    NORWICHBE4305 FlybeBE430515:05
    JERSEY / GUERNSEYBE311 FlybeBE31115:15
    AMSTERDAMBE1537 FlybeBE153718:20
    MANCHESTERBE377 FlybeBE37718:25
    NEWCASTLEBE707 FlybeBE70718:55
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Speed up your journey with Fast Track security

All passengers are asked to prepare for Security Search and check the Security Regulations.

During busy periods it may take some time for passengers to negotiate Exeter Airport’s passenger security checks and therefore a premium service is offered for passengers wishing not to join a long queue.

  • This Fast Track service, where waiting is kept to a minimum, is available for passengers who purchase a voucher at the Kiosk before the Departure channel or book via the website.
  • Passengers may then use the left hand side Fast Track channel and present their voucher together with their boarding pass to the security officer.
  • This is not a preferential security check service as all passengers are subject to the DfT security procedures, regulations and restrictions.
  • It is the passenger’s responsibility to ensure they arrive at the departure gate at the published boarding time as stated by the airline.