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    Fly from Exeter to Zante (ZTH) – Zakynthos International Airport

    The Venetians once dubbed Zante – or Zakynthos as it’s also known – ‘The Flower of the Orient’, thanks to its top-class countryside. And it’s a nickname that still rings true today. Olive groves, lemon trees and bougainvillea cover the whole island, peeking out from between rolling hills.

    Zante’s coastline is just as impressive as its interior. Sandy shores give way to turquoise sea caves, and hidden coves and rugged cliffs offer up grandstand views of the Ionian sunsets. Smuggler’s Cove leads the way as far as beaches are concerned. Overlooked by soaring cliffs, this sandy bay is one of the most beautiful in Greece.

    It’s loggerhead turtles that really put Zante on the map, though – the island is the most important nesting spot in the Mediterranean for them. If you’re here between July and August, head to Laganas Beach, where you’ve got the best chance of spotting the creatures.

    Another part of Zante’s appeal is the fact it caters for all sorts of holidays. Laganas is the place to go for the big clubs, while Tsilivi’s streets are brimming with bars and pubs. Head for the likes of Alykanas and Kalamaki, meanwhile, and you’ll find soft sands and a more go-slow pace.

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  • Arrivals & Departures
    From Airline Flight Scheduled Status
    MANCHESTERBE376 landed 17:45FlybeBE37618:00landed 17:45
    PARIS CDGBE3506 landed 18:20FlybeBE350618:25landed 18:20
    LONDON CITYBE1308 landed 18:46FlybeBE130818:35landed 18:46
    MANCHESTERBE378 FlybeBE37821:45
    AMSTERDAMBE1536 FlybeBE153622:00
    NEWCASTLEBE708 FlybeBE70822:15
    MANCHESTERBE372 FlybeBE37209:40
    GUERNSEY / JERSEYBE300 FlybeBE30009:55
    PARIS CDGBE3502 CancelledFlybeBE350210:15Cancelled
    AMSTERDAMBE1532 FlybeBE153212:25
    EDINBURGHBE211 FlybeBE21113:05
    DUBLINBE304 FlybeBE30413:40
    GLASGOWBE537 FlybeBE53713:45
    BELFAST CITYBE493 FlybeBE49314:00
    TENERIFE SouthTOM6585 TUITOM658516:45
    JERSEY / GUERNSEYBE310 FlybeBE31017:15
    MANCHESTERBE376 FlybeBE37618:00
    PARIS CDGBE3506 FlybeBE350618:25
    LONDON CITYBE1308 FlybeBE130818:35
    MANCHESTERBE378 FlybeBE37821:45
    AMSTERDAMBE1536 FlybeBE153622:00
    NEWCASTLEBE708 FlybeBE70822:15
    To Airline Flight Scheduled Status
    AMSTERDAMBE1535 departed 18:03FlybeBE153518:00departed 18:03
    MANCHESTERBE377 FlybeBE37718:30
    NEWCASTLEBE707 departed 19:11FlybeBE70719:10departed 19:11
    PARIS CDGBE3501 CancelledFlybeBE350106:30Cancelled
    MANCHESTERBE371 FlybeBE37106:40
    LONDON CITY / AMSTERDAMBE1301 FlybeBE130107:00
    GUERNSEY / JERSEYBE300 FlybeBE30007:05
    TENERIFE SouthTOM6584 TUITOM658407:25
    GLASGOWBE536 FlybeBE53610:10
    DUBLINBE303 FlybeBE30310:40
    BELFAST CITYBE494 FlybeBE49410:50
    AMSTERDAMBE1533 FlybeBE153313:15
    EDINBURGHBE210 FlybeBE21013:35
    JERSEY / GUERNSEYBE310 FlybeBE31014:35
    PARIS CDGBE3505 FlybeBE350514:40
    MANCHESTERBE375 FlybeBE37515:05
    AMSTERDAMBE1535 FlybeBE153518:00
    MANCHESTERBE377 FlybeBE37718:30
    NEWCASTLEBE707 FlybeBE70719:10
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