May - September
Scheduled Service
May - September
Scheduled Service

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    Fly from Exeter Airport to Southampton – Southampton is a city on the English Southern coast.

    Currency = Pound Sterling.

    Exeter Airport offers flights to Southampton from May through to September on every Saturday.

    Exeter airport to Southampton hub is a seamless way to fly onto some of Europe’s top destination with just the initial check in at Exeter Airport the traveller can now get to an additional eight European destinations such as the famous wine region of Bordeaux in France or the most romantic City of Verona set in the beautiful countryside of northern Italy.

    Of course, there is no need to fly on and Southampton has many great sights and attraction for that well-earned break.

    Why not try visiting Southampton’s most important historic building the Tudor house and garden which has recently been restored. There is over 900 years of history at this location and a free audio tour is available as the traveller wanders through the old house and grounds.

    Southampton has a famous connection the sea and what visit would be complete without visiting the Sea City Museum situated within Southampton’s cultural area and housed in a grade 2 listed building. The museum takes the traveller on an interactive tour of the city’s connection to the sea and the heritage it has with being the Titanic’s departing port on its only journey.

    Southampton is also the top shopping destination on the south coast and one of the United Kingdom’s top 10 shopping destinations. The main shopping complex is the Westquay shopping centre which is three levels high and has over 100 stores including many brand names as well as normal high street names. There is a food complex within the shopping centre should you wish to take a break and have a bite to eat. All of this is situated in the centre of Southampton.

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  • Arrivals & Departures
    From Airline Flight Scheduled Status
    MALAGABE4312 expected 22:17FlybeBE431221:20expected 22:17
    BERGERACBE3796 landed 21:19FlybeBE379621:25landed 21:19
    SOUTHAMPTONBE1619 FlybeBE161922:10
    NEWCASTLEBE708 expected 22:05FlybeBE70822:20expected 22:05
    PAPHOSTOM6683 ThomsonTOM668303:15
    MANCHESTERBE374 FlybeBE37409:40
    ALICANTEBE4322 FlybeBE432211:35
    RENNESBE3526 FlybeBE352611:45
    BELFAST CITYBE493 FlybeBE49312:40
    NEWCASTLEBE704 FlybeBE70413:10
    DUBLINBE304 FlybeBE30413:45
    LANZAROTETOM6701 ThomsonTOM670114:35
    JERSEY / GUERNSEYBE312 FlybeBE31215:00
    EDINBURGHBE212 FlybeBE21216:45
    PARIS CDGBE3506 FlybeBE350617:50
    MANCHESTERBE376 FlybeBE37618:00
    MALAGABE4312 FlybeBE431218:05
    GLASGOWBE535 FlybeBE53520:55
    MANCHESTERBE378 FlybeBE37821:40
    LONDON CITYBE1308 FlybeBE130821:55
    AMSTERDAMBE1538 FlybeBE153822:10
    PALMA DE MALLORCABE4342 FlybeBE434223:55
    To Airline Flight Scheduled Status
    ALICANTEBE4321 BAG DROP FROM 04:00FlybeBE432106:00BAG DROP FROM 04:00
    LANZAROTETOM6700 CHECK-IN FROM 03:35ThomsonTOM670006:05CHECK-IN FROM 03:35
    RENNESBE3525 BAG DROP FROM 07:15FlybeBE352509:15BAG DROP FROM 07:15
    MANCHESTERBE373 FlybeBE37310:05
    NEWCASTLEBE703 FlybeBE70310:15
    DUBLINBE303 FlybeBE30310:40
    MALAGABE4311 FlybeBE431112:15
    JERSEY / GUERNSEYBE311 FlybeBE31112:30
    BELFAST CITYBE494 FlybeBE49413:15
    MANCHESTERBE375 FlybeBE37513:45
    PARIS CDGBE3505 FlybeBE350514:20
    LONDON CITYBE1305 FlybeBE130515:35
    LARNACATOM6788 CHECK-IN FROM 13:35ThomsonTOM678816:05CHECK-IN FROM 13:35
    GLASGOWBE534 FlybeBE53417:30
    AMSTERDAMBE1537 FlybeBE153718:20
    MANCHESTERBE377 FlybeBE37718:25
    PALMA DE MALLORCABE4341 FlybeBE434118:45
    EDINBURGHBE215 FlybeBE21521:20
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