Pajala (Sweden)

19 Dec 2017
Holiday Operator
19 Dec 2017
Holiday Operator

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    Fly from Exeter Airport to Pajala – Pajala is Swedish Lapland

    Currency = Swedish Krona

    Exeter Airport offers pre-Christmas flights to Pajala, the Swedish Lapland.

    Pajala has a climate that is subarctic but due to the North Atlantic influence does tend to have slightly milder weather throughout the year compared to other similar places. In December, you can expect the average temperature to be around -6ºC but it has seen temperatures dip as low -18.7ºC.

    Why not bring your closest loved ones on this magical Christmas trip to visit Santa Claus in his home? Flying direct to Pajala from Exeter airport on a specially chartered flight the magic will begin when you land and are greeted by the local Lapp’s dressed in their traditional Sami clothing.

    Be enchanted as you sit and relax in your reindeer pulled sleigh as it travels around a truly beautiful and Christmas landscape, experience the feeling of being pulled on a huskie powered sled also enjoy a truly invigorating ride on a snowmobile.

    Then enjoy a two-course meal consisting of hot soup and the local Swedish meat balls all washed down by warm berry juice which will be available throughout the trip to keep the cold at bay.

    Then as the evening draws in feel the excitement build as you are led through the forest on a secret path to Santa home. Be welcomed into Santa’s house by the man himself as you have a private meeting with him and discuss which list you may be on! Every child will receive a gift which will surely be cherished for many years to come as will the memories this magical trip from Exeter Airport to see Santa Clause will create.

    Let your inner child out and experience the magic of Christmas like never before, click one of the links above.

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  • Arrivals & Departures
    From Airline Flight Scheduled Status
    ALICANTEBE4322 landed 11:53FlybeBE432211:35landed 11:53
    RENNESBE3526 landed 11:29FlybeBE352611:45landed 11:29
    BELFAST CITYBE493 landed 12:29FlybeBE49312:40landed 12:29
    NEWCASTLEBE704 expected 13:15FlybeBE70413:10expected 13:15
    DUBLINBE304 FlybeBE30413:45
    LANZAROTETOM6701 expected 14:27ThomsonTOM670114:35expected 14:27
    JERSEY / GUERNSEYBE312 FlybeBE31215:00
    EDINBURGHBE212 FlybeBE21216:45
    PARIS CDGBE3506 FlybeBE350617:50
    MANCHESTERBE376 FlybeBE37618:00
    MALAGABE4312 FlybeBE431218:05
    GLASGOWBE535 FlybeBE53520:55
    MANCHESTERBE378 FlybeBE37821:40
    LONDON CITYBE1308 FlybeBE130821:55
    AMSTERDAMBE1538 FlybeBE153822:10
    PALMA DE MALLORCABE4342 FlybeBE434223:55
    To Airline Flight Scheduled Status
    DUBLINBE303 departed 10:52FlybeBE30310:40departed 10:52
    MALAGABE4311 FlybeBE431112:15
    JERSEY / GUERNSEYBE311 FlybeBE31112:30
    BELFAST CITYBE494 FlybeBE49413:15
    MANCHESTERBE375 FlybeBE37513:45
    PARIS CDGBE3505 FlybeBE350514:20
    LONDON CITYBE1305 FlybeBE130515:35
    LARNACATOM6788 CHECK-IN FROM 13:35ThomsonTOM678816:05CHECK-IN FROM 13:35
    GLASGOWBE534 FlybeBE53417:30
    AMSTERDAMBE1537 FlybeBE153718:20
    MANCHESTERBE377 FlybeBE37718:25
    PALMA DE MALLORCABE4341 FlybeBE434118:45
    EDINBURGHBE215 BAG DROP FROM 19:20FlybeBE21521:20BAG DROP FROM 19:20
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