Northern Lights (Finland)

25 February 2018
25 February 2018

Northern Lights (Enontekio) break with:

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    Fly from Exeter Airport to see the Northern Lights, a natural wonder of the world.

    Exeter Airport offers a tour operator flight to see The Northern Lights in March.

    The Aurora Borealis often referred to as the Northern Lights or the polar lights.

    The Northern lights are a natural wonder of the world and light up the skies in the artic regions. They are caused by solar storms expelled by the sun that hit the earth’s magnetic field. When the atoms and molecules hit the earth’s atmosphere they become excited causing them to light up and the skies look like neon strips of many different and wavering colours are suspended miles above.

    The term Aurora Borealis was first spoken by Galileo the famous Astronomer, physicist and Philosopher in 1619. The term Aurora Borealis is a homage to the Roman Goddess of the dawn, Aurora.

    This trip is a once in a lifetime experience and the view of the Northern lights will be something that the traveller will remember forever and be able to astound their loved ones, friends and others with. On arrival at the airport, there is a briefing with a guest astronomer before boarding the flight were free snacks are provided. The plane travels to a Point North of the Shetland Isles and takes up a holding pattern to await the beauty of the Northern Lights. While waiting the on-board guest astronomers will explain in more detail about the Northern Lights. When they grace the skies, every person will have the opportunity to view clearly the lights with a seat rotation system in place. The plane will then head home leaving you time to reflect on what you have seen.

    If you would like to experience this carefully planned trip to witness the ethereal majesty of the Northern Lights then click on the options above.

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    BELFAST CITYBE493 landed 15:15FlybeBE49314:55landed 15:15
    AMSTERDAMBE1534 landed 14:53FlybeBE153415:05landed 14:53
    GUERNSEYBE316 landed 15:28FlybeBE31615:30landed 15:28
    ISLES OF SCILLYIOS514 landed 15:43SkybusIOS51415:45landed 15:43
    ISLES OF SCILLYIOS516 landed 16:03SkybusIOS51616:00landed 16:03
    JERSEYBE318 CancelledFlybeBE31816:00Cancelled
    NEWCASTLEBE708 landed 15:57FlybeBE70816:00landed 15:57
    RENNESBE3526 expected 17:25FlybeBE352617:25expected 17:25
    MALAGABE4312 expected 18:25FlybeBE431218:25expected 18:25
    DUBLINBE304 FlybeBE30418:45
    EDINBURGHBE210 FlybeBE21019:05
    BERGERACBE3796 FlybeBE379619:20
    PALMA DE MALLORCABE4342 FlybeBE434200:25
    To Airline Flight Scheduled Status
    RENNESBE3525 departed 15:04FlybeBE352515:00departed 15:04
    EDINBURGHBE211 departed 16:06FlybeBE21115:20departed 16:06
    PAPHOSTOM6682 departed 16:14TUITOM668215:25departed 16:14
    BERGERACBE3795 departed 16:00FlybeBE379515:45departed 16:00
    DUBLINBE303 departed 16:18FlybeBE30316:00departed 16:18
    ISLES OF SCILLYIOS515 departed 16:13SkybusIOS51516:15departed 16:13
    GLASGOWBE536 departed 16:38FlybeBE53616:25departed 16:38
    ISLES OF SCILLYIOS517 departed 16:45SkybusIOS51716:30departed 16:45
    PALMA DE MALLORCABE4341 FlybeBE434119:15
    BELFAST CITYBE494 FlybeBE49419:30
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