Airspace Change Proposal

Changes to airspace rules around Exeter Airport are being proposed to take account of the airport’s continued growth.

The airport has drawn up its proposals in consultation with a wide range of aviation users to take account of their varied needs. The changes aim to re-design the airspace around Exeter Airport and introduce new rules, maintaining safety for all air users and allowing for more efficient handling of aircraft. This could help achieve more continuous descents and climbs for inbound and outbound commercial aircraft, for example, reducing noise for local communities and cutting down on fuel consumption and emissions.

Following a 13-week consultation period between April and June this year, all responses have been analysed and elements of the draft plans are being reviewed in light of comments received. This will include further engagement with aviation stakeholders before the final Airspace Change Proposal is submitted to the Civil Aviation Authority for consideration.

The CAA then requires a 16-week period to conduct its own analysis of the proposal and the consultation results, before arriving at a regulatory decision.

Exeter Airport Airspace Change Proposal Aviation Stakeholder Consultation Report