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Air Passenger Duty | Airline & Operator Charges (Passenger) | Airport Fees & Charges

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Air Passenger Duty (APD)

  • Airport Passenger Duty (APD displayed in a booking as GB), is the amount of tax that the UK Government levies from each passenger for their travel. There are different rates of APD depending on the ticket types and journey type (ie EU/non-EU).
  • Departure tax and service charges (displayed in a booking as UB), is the amount the departure Airport levies for the use of their amenities and services. This amount will vary from airport to airport.
  • Arrival tax and service charges (displayed in booking as XT), is the amount the destination Airport levies for your arrival and the use of their facilities. This amount will vary from airport to airport.

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Airline & Operator Charges (Passenger)

  • Fuel and insurance surcharges may be added by the airline or operator.
  • Holiday companies may add supplements and surcharges that reflect their extra costs when operating a flight away from their home base.
  • Some operators add a fee, within airport charges, which passengers from Exeter may be prepared to pay rather than use an airport further away.
  • Airlines and holiday companies may also impose other fees within the term "Airport Charges". These charges may not be those imposed by this airport.

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Airport Fees & Charges

  • Exeter Airport's aircraft/airline Fees & Charges are published annually and may be viewed from the Administration page of the website. These fees and charges are the basic, non-contract charges which apply to all aircraft using the airport.