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Master Plan

Addendum to the Airport Master Plan

The Addendum to the Airport Master Plan has been produced to provide greater definition of the development proposed in the Airport’s northern and southern zones to inform and assist East Devon District Council (EDDC) in the production of its Local Development Framework (LDF).

The new LDF will define planning, employment, housing and other economic demands for the next 15-20 years and the Addendum identifies that the development of these zones will benefit the local economy through improved Gross Value Added income as well as funding the essential infrastructure improvements required to enable the expansion of the airport.

Addendum to the Airport Master Plan (PDF download)

Master Plan

This Master Plan sets out the development proposals for Exeter International Airport to 2030 in accordance with advice from the DfT on the preparation of Master Plans. The draft Master Plan was consulted upon widely within the community, and with the various authorities including Devon County Council, East Devon District Council and Exeter City Council. The comments received during the consultation process have informed this final Master Plan that is adopted by the Airport. 

      Foreword (PDF download)

  1. Introduction (PDF download)

  2. Vision for Exeter International Airport (PDF download)

  3. Exeter International Airport Today (PDF download)

  4. National Regulatory and Policy Context (PDF download)

  5. Recent Trends in Passenger and Cargo Traffic (PDF download)

  6. Forecasts of Future Growth to 2015 and 2030 (PDF download)

  7. Development Strategy and Phased Growth - Part 1 (PDF download)
    Development Strategy and Phased Growth - Part 2 (PDF download)

  8. Sustainable Development - Part 1 (PDF download)
    Sustainable Development - Part 2 (PDF download)
    Sustainable Development - Part 3 (PDF download)

  9. Safeguarding, Risk Assessment and Land Acquisition (PDF download)
  10. Glossary (PDF download)

  11. Abbreviations (PDF download)

  12. Supporting Documentation (PDF download)