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  • BE1308 1820 LONDON CITY LANDED 1840

  • BE312 1930 JERSEY / GUERNSEY LANDED 1925

  • BE4322 2030 ALICANTE en route EXPECTED 2052

  • BE707 1935 NEWCASTLE

  • BE4331 0600 FARO

  • TOM6318 0600 IBIZA

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Airport Address

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Airport Contacts

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Airline Contacts

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Training, Flying Clubs and Charter

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Delayed (Lost) or Damaged Baggage

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Lost Property

  • For Lost Property items which may have been found in the airport terminal or on an aircraft contact the Lost Property Office: 01392 354909 (email EDALPassOffice).  Items may be collected from the Lost Property Office adjacent to the Arrivals building: Mon-Fri 9am-3pm - other arrangements will need to be made outside these hours. Found Passports will be handed to the police as it is a legal requirement for a lost passport to be returned to the passport office.

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Airport Shops and Facilities

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Airport Advertising

  • For information about advertising at Exeter Airport contact EYE airports 01423 706670

    “The poster placement for the BMW i3 and i8 Electric cars at Exeter Airport was carried out as an awareness programme and generated significant levels of conversation about the new models, raising awareness of them in the South West.
    "Overall we felt that the 6 month campaign worked very well for us, helping raising the profile of the new BMWi brand and achieved its objectives.”
    BMWi Sales Manager at Exeter

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Air Travel Anxiety

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