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New Advertising Cuts Electricity Consumption

Tuesday 20 January 2009

Newly installed hoardings at Exeter International Airport will cut the use of electricity by 70 per cent when compared to the previous adverting panels.

Airport Partners who hold the airport’s contract for on-site advertising, commissioned Vivid Media to carry out the work and in collaboration with Creative Agencies. They have replaced the old 12 metre by 3 metre high advertising hoarding and its smaller 6 metre wide version alongside which used fluorescent tubes, with new advertising panels using state-of-the-art LED technology.

On completion of the work Exeter Airport’s Managing Director Jamie Christon said: “This is a pioneering green solution for illuminated outdoor advertising that can cut electricity costs by up to 70 per cent and we are very happy with the result. The new panels with nearly five thousand LEDs currently feature the airport-based airline Flybe and the result is stunning.”

Andrew Walker, Managing director of Airport Partners, said: “The two original hoardings had come to the end of their lives and we looked at several options for replacing them.  We knew about the digital wall and flooring displays that Vivid Media have been installing so we approached them about providing a solution for the airport.”

“Although LEDs work out more expensive installation-wise, the long-term benefits cannot be ignored. As well as the 70 per cent saving in electricity, there is far less maintenance and the new system will pay for itself within two years.”

“Fluorescent bulbs begin to lose their brightness after around 12 to 18 months, although they can actually blow at any time.  The light emitting diodes are expected to last for over 10 years and offer around 50,000 hours of full brightness.”

Rod Pallister, Operations Director of Vivid Media, said: “For us the timing was perfect as we had started looking into the technology behind LED ad displays, so we were able to offer that to Airport Partners as an alternative solution to replacing like-for-like.

“The LED units are guaranteed for five years and are maintenance-free for eight years; plus you also get an equal brightness across the whole display and there is no heat dissipation.”

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